Reconditioned Parts

Reconditioning is a science — it is precise and exacting. The work is completed by an experienced technician and all the parts are disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Parts that do not meet OEM specifications are replaced, not just the part that failed. Only OEM quality parts are used as well as the use of upgraded items to replace parts that commonly fail.

The majority of reconditioning is carried out to customer requirements. This ensures the item required has no chance of ageing on the shelf. Only items in high demand are stock items.

All reconditioned items are sold on an exchange or core basis, meaning a core unit is reconditioned, then sold to the customer along with a core charge. Once the unit is fitted and the failed unit is returned, the core charge is refunded. Alternatively, the fail unit can be handed over at the time of sale.

NQ Crash & 4WD Spares recondition engines, gearboxes, transfer cases, differentials, injectors, injector pumps, steering boxes, steering racks and steering pumps.




New parts include pistons and pins, piston rings, connecting rod bearings, main bearings, thrust bearings, small end bushes, camshaft bearings, gaskets and seals, and may include valves, pushrods, valve lifters, freeze plugs, the timing gear, timing chain and oil pumps. Cylinder heads are tested and resurfaced, cylinders are bored and valve seats are resurfaced. When all this is finished, the engine is reassembled and tested, using specialist equipment, ensuring all tolerances are within factory specifications.




Gearbox and Transfer Case

NQ Crash & 4WD Spares only recondition manual transmissions.  No part is repaired in any way. New parts include all bearings and seals and may include input shafts, main shafts, cluster/lay shafts, drive gears, hubs and syncro rings. 5th gear is commonly an upgrade item in all units.



Differential Centres

All differentials are completely stripped down and receive the same treatment and build specifications. The crown wheel and pinion are replaced, regardless of the existing units condition. New bearings and seals are used, along with a new drive flange. Preload, backlash and gear meshing, all set to OEM specifications, are the final step in the process.