Our Suppliers 

NQ Crash & 4WD Spares specialize in 4WD and commercial vehicle parts. Stockists of genuine, non-genuine, aftermarket, reconditioned and used parts. The range also extends into passenger vehicle parts. If a part is not in stock, every effort is made to locate one through an extensive supplier network.


New Product Range



Including bullbars, flares, recovery equipment, roof racks, side steps, snorkels, UHF radios and winches.

Air Conditioning

 Including compressors, condensor fans, condensors, evaporators, reciever driers and TX valves.


Including drive and fan belts, timing belts, timing belt kits.


Including bonnets, bootlids, bumper bars, bumper reinforcements, doors, door handles, door window regulators, filler panels, glass, grilles, guards, guard liners, mirrors, radiator support panels,  and tailgates.


Including  calipers, caliper kits, caliper pistons, drums, handbrake shoes, hoses, master cylinders, master cylinder kits, pads, shoes, spring kits, rotors, wheel cylinders and wheel cylinder kits.


Including accelerator, bonnet, clutch, gear shift, handbrake and speedo.


Including clutch kits, clutch plates, master cylinders, master cylinder kits, slave cylinders, slave cylinder kits and spigot bearings.


Including engine fans, heater cores, heater hose kits, intercoolers, oil coolers, overflow bottles, radiators, radiator caps, radiator hoses, radiator hose kits, thermostats, thermostat housings, viscous hubs and water pumps.


Including axles, C.V. joints, C.V. shafts, C.V. overhaul kits, differential centres, differential crown & pinion kits, differential housings, differential overhaul kits, gearboxes, gearbox gears, gearbox mounts, gearbox overhaul kits, tailshafts, transfer cases, transfer case gears, transfer case overhaul kits and universal joints.


Including ABS modules, airbags, air mass sensors, alternators, batteries, crank angle sensors, cam angle sensors, combination switches, coolant sensors, cooling fans, distributors, fuses, glow plugs, ignition coils, map sensors, oil pressure switches, oxygen sensors, reverse light switches, spark plugs, starter motors, stop light switches, throttle position sensors and water temp sensors.


Including camshafts, camshaft bearings, crankshaft bearings, engine mounts, exhaust gaskets, exhaust mounts, exhaust pipes, gasket overhaul kits, head assemblies, head bolts, long motors, pistons, piston rings, seals, short motors, thrust bearings,  turbo's, and valves.


Including air filters, cabin filters, filter kits, hydraulic filters, oil filters and transmission filters.


Including carburettor kits, fuel hose, injectors , pressure regulators, pumps, tank sender units, switching solenoids.


Including accessory lights, apron lights, bullbar lights, bumper bar lights, bulbs, driving lights, fog lights, headlights, indicator lights, lenses, number plate lights, park lights, repeater lights and tail lights.


Including draglinks, idler arms, pitman arms, power steering pumps, power steering pump kits, relay rods, steering boxes, steering box kits, steering racks, steering rack boots, steering rack ends, tie rod ends, tie rod end kits and track rods.


Including ball joints, bushes, bush kits, coil springs, control arms, leading arms, leaf springs, panhard rods, shackles, shock absorbers, sway bar links, torsion bars and u-bolts.